Upholstry cleaning.

Did you know that cleaning your sofas is just as important as cleaning your carpets? You may not have to have it done as often, but some general maintenance on your sofa and recliner can make them last a lot longer, and keep them looking fantastic.

As with carpeting, regular vacuuming is key. Use the brush attachment of your vacuum and go over all the surfaces, both sides of any loose cushions and even if it is not exposed, the back. Remove the cushions and use the crevice attachment to vacuum in the cracks underneath.

Dust and debris built up in and under furniture can be more of a problem than the same buildup in your carpeting because furniture does not act like a filter in the same way as carpet click this. Think about a day, with sun streaming in through your windows. You flop down on your sofa, and can see through the sun rays the stream of dust that floats in to the air. This is why the vacuuming is important.

Unless you have severe stains, or a pressing pet issue, sofas does not need to be cleaned nearly as often as your carpeting. Every 12-18 months, as long as regular vacuuming is performed, is usually fine.

As with your carpeting though, this regular type of maintenance can go a long way in extending the longevity of your furniture.